The Operun

It's not over 'til the fit lady sings...

The Battleford Town Hall / Opera House was built in 1912.   Initially, approval was given to spend $25,000 in its  construction, however, the final cost to the Town was $40,000.  The building was designed by architect, W.W. LaChance of Saskatoon and built by Pigott and Son of Hamilton, Ontario.  The structure is distinctive with a red brick exterior, Tyndall Stone embellishments, two storey pillasters and prominent entablature and cornices.

At various times, the building housed an RCMP detachment and jail, public library, Parks & Recreation Department, civic departments such as fire and water, and municipal offices for both the Town of Battleford and the RM of Battle River.  The Opera House was the venue of choice for many community events -  school plays, high school graduations, basketball games, live theatre, musical talent nights, Christmas concerts, dances, and firemen's banquets.

A persistently leaky roof was fixed by installing a false roof, which unfortunately blew off in a windstorm one Tuesday night in June of 1926, taking out three light posts on 1st Avenue.

In 1965, fire damaged the Opera House and the administrative offices on the building's ground floor.  Renovations saw the reopening of the administrative offices on the ground floor, however, the Opera House remained scarred by the fire.