The Operun

It's not over 'til the fit lady sings...

The Historic Battleford Lions club was chartered in 1976, with a motto of "We Serve".  As local community minded people, we look to serve our community and to support local people, projects and events.  Being a member of the Historic Battleford Lions involves a flexible time commitment - as much or as little time as your schedule will allow.  Working in partnership with other Lions members is an invaluable and fun experience, fostering personal and professional relationships when working together to make our community a better place to live.

In addition to "The Operun", some of the projects that we undertake are the Christmas Bazaar, typically held the first Saturday in December, the "We've got you covered" Community Garage Sale, held the first Saturday in May, and a pig roast in conjunction with the International Street Performer Festival in July.

Funds raised are dedicated to specific projects or are distributed to local people, projects and events throughout the year.  We also support organizations that deal with diabetes, sight, the elderly, youth, culture, sports and recreation.  As Lions, we specifically support Project Pride, Lions Dog Guides and other events sponsored by Lions International and the Lions Foundation of Canada.

We also serve our community by volunteering with the "Meals on Wheels" program, by hosting a birthday party at the Battlefords District Care Centre, by planting trees and in countless other ways.

Our Clubhouse is located at 162 - 22nd Street West in Battleford and we have monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, with the exception of July and August. 

Come and join us, give back to your community and have fun in the process!

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