The Operun

It's not over 'til the fit lady sings...

Jodi Miller

Born and raised on the prairies, Jodi continues to be fascinated by the relationships between nature and people on the land.  Her paintings are nostalgic often referencing her years growing up on the family farm.  Particularly, her works tend to study the contrast between the now hectic pace of our daily lives and the stillness and patience of nature.  Jodi captures vivid, sometimes dream-like, images of flora and creatures found in the beautiful prairie countryside, with the goal of bringing the viewer back in tune with their surroundings and the present moment.

Jodi grew up in Birch Hills, SK where from a young age, her interest in art kept her sketching, painting and drawing.  However, with her strong sense of curiosity and foundation in science, she ultimately decided to explore the world, joining the Royal Canadian Air Force as an Aerospace Engineer.  Her new career took her from small town Saskatchewan to many cities and towns across Canada as well as to England, where she earned her Doctorate in the subject.  Her appreciation of our nation continued to grow as she worked with many incredible people from all corners of this beautiful country while continuing her art practice through commissions.  However, her pride in Saskatchewan never waned.  Drawn by the promise of the unique prairie lifestyle, Jodi retired after a rich twenty year career with the RCAF and moved her young family to Battleford, SK.  She now pursues her passion by painting full time.

Influenced by her travels, background in engineering, and the balance of chaos and order in our modern day society, Jodi’s work depicts movement and life suspended in a painting for all to pause and enjoy.  Her prairie scenes tend to represent historical references of simpler times while her botanicals tend to draw the viewer in with their use of texture, colour and light.  Her images tend to draw one close while her use of texture provides a sensual experience. 

An intuitive painter, her use of colour and texture invite audiences to engage their emotions and delight the senses.  With her training as an aerospace engineer, Jodi’s work also tend to showcase true and straight details balanced by the softer lines found in nature.  Her fascination with flowers and trying to capture their fleeting beauty while paying homage to their relatively short life span stems from her on-going investigation of time and gratitude with an attempt to consider the age-old advice to “live in the moment”.  

Jodi’s work can be found at Artrageous, Empress Furniture, Porta Bella Restaurant and the Western Development Museum in North Battleford, as well as numerous private collections across Canada.  Her large-scale murals can be found on 100th St North Battleford. 

Jodi Miller’s artwork is at once stunning, bold, and real.