The Operun

It's not over 'til the fit lady sings...

Dean Bauche wears many hats - artist, teacher, mentor, curator, adjudicator and runner.    He expends countless hours promoting the arts locally, provincially and nationally.  In recognition of this contribution, Dean was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Commemorative Medal during Saskatchewan’s centennial by Lt. Governor Dr. Lynda Haverstock.  One of Dean's projects has been the Battleford Opera House.  Shortly after his retirement as Director of Galleries for North Battleford, Dean focused his efforts on raising funds for the restoration of the Opera House, securing grants and donations.

We are extremely fortunate to have Dean as our first feature artist for the Operun!  His artwork 'Raven Opera' , shown below, will be featured on the race shirt that serves as a souvenir for our registered runners.  Check out a few of his pieces on the right of the page and then click on the link below to visit his website to be further inspired!