The Operun

It's not over 'til the fit lady sings...

September 23rd, 2018

Run 5K!  Walk 5K!

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All proceeds go to support local projects like the restoration of the Opera House!

The Battleford Opera House was built in 1912 and was the venue of choice for many community events -  school plays, high school graduations, live theatre, musical talent nights, Christmas concerts, dances, and firemen's banquets.  

In 1965, fire damaged the Opera House and the administrative offices on the building's ground floor.  Renovations saw the reopening of the administrative offices on the ground floor, however, the Opera House remained scarred by the fire.

Recently, a movement began in the Battlefords to have the Opera House restored to its former grandeur and take its place in the Battlefords as a modern cultural facility.  In 2009, the roof was replaced and more recently a heating system has been installed.  

Future goals for development include the incorporation of a tower, built in the same period architecture as the Town Hall/Opera House.  An elevator would facilitate access to the tower, which would include washrooms, a serving kitchen as well as a viewing deck.  The viewing deck would provide visitors with 365 degree views of the beautiful and historically significant surrounding area.

Imagine being able to watch those you know and love perform in such a magnificent venue.  The intent following restoration is to have a facility that is accessible and affordable, a place where the talent of local people can be showcased in addition to talent from outside the Battlefords.  The Opera House will once again promote the importance of the arts and represent our pride in our community and its history.

The restoration of the Opera House will take significantly more than the $40,000 initially required to build it in 1912.  The Historic Battleford Lions Club is committed to raising money to assist with this worthy project.  All proceeds from The Operun will go towards local projects like the restoration of the Opera House.

Special thanks to our generous sponsors!!